Corporate Live Streaming

Covid 19 Safe

We will work with you yo make sure your production is Covid 19 safe for everyone involved.

Use any Platform

We are able to stream to all the main stream platforms and also custom RTMP servers should you wish. We can also Stream to multiple destinations at the same time

High Quality

We are capable of streaming Full HD should your platform and internet connection speed support it

Temporary Internet

We are cable to provide temporary internet via our 4G routers or even satellite uplinks

Why web streaming? 

Physical Events are reduced in capacity due to the space that is available. However by broadcasting your event you can reach people you previously may not have been able to reach before due to other arrangements and also help climate change to.
We can make your content accessible and deal with all the technology to get the best out of your stream. It could be as simple as a camera and a microphone with single presenter. Or multi camera set up with lots of microphones, audience questions etc.
We would love nothing more than to support your event and make it a success.

Example Options 

These are example plans and can be adapted to individual requirements. We can also playback pre recorded content as if it were live should you prefer to do that.

Plan 1

> Vision Mixer

> Wireless Microphone

> Computer Presentation input

> Camera Input (including Pip)

> LED Lighting

>Streaming Technician

Plan 2

>All of Plan 1 plus:

>Two Wireless Microphones

>Additional Live Camera (two cameras)

>Additional LED Lighting

> Comfort Monitor with Powerpoint Notes or stream feed

>Recording of the Stream and Camera footage


>All of Plan 2 plus:

>Four Wireless Microphones

>Additional Live Camera (three cameras)

>Additional Lighting

>Polling Software e.g. Slido

>Technical Assistant - Camera

Got a project in mind?

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