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This is where it all begins. We meet with you to find out what you want or what you want to achieve. If you don't know we can advise of things you may not have thought of yet. If you know Timescales, Budget etc. these are all useful in what products we select for your installation.

We then Move onto the design stage.


We set to work selecting suitable equipment for your project. Talk about any custom controls you may need or Wireless iPad control.

We advise on suitable equipment and also any optional upgrades that may be worth considering to future proof you're Install. A schedule of works will be produced should we be working alongside other contractors

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Our Installers then start installing your equipment paying attention to every last detail in order to make it as neat and tidy as possible.


Once everything is installed we go through and thoroughly test all the equipment and in its

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You will receive documentation after install is complete, Which will include any electrical testing reports. Wiring Schematics, Manuals etc. So you have all the information on what is in your building. We can also train anyone that is going to be using the equipment also so you get the most out of your investment.


Should you require we can also quote to come back and routinely inspect and maintain all of your equipment to ensure it is always running at its best.

We also offer emergency call out rates and packages should you be in a situation where the show must go on. This can also be supplemented by our hire should an immediate fix not be possible to make sure you are always covered.

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