FBT Verve 112MA

FBT Verve 112MA

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15 mm (0.59”) birch plywood scratch resistant enclosure and internal bracing

Bi-amplified models with high dynamic Class D amplifiers 400W + 100W RMS to provide a pleasant sound even at loud volume

New ultra-light woofers custom made for FBT with a weather resistant coating, extremely reliable and efficient

High efficiency switch mode power supply

Advanced filter algorithms including dynamic equalization at low frequencies and advanced energy control to allow high SPL while always granting reliable and distortion-free audio reproduction

An increase in total SPL thanks to FBT’s new digital limiter algorithms and increased amplifier power output

Passive models: soft-trip high-frequency protection circuitry to ensure proper operation even in overdriven conditions and superb quality components, metallic polyester condensers and large diameter coils. All components embedded in special resin to ensure total immunity to vibration

Fully rotatable constant directivity horn to adjust HxV angle coverage in the non-coaxial models

Ergonomic integrated carrying handles, M10 rigging points, top-hat speaker stand socket and wall bracket mounting hardware.

2-way, bass-reflex, bi-amplified.

400W RMS LF, 100W RMS HF, Class D power amplifiers.

320 mm (12”) custom woofer with 64 mm (2.5”) voice coil.

25 mm (1”) B&C compression HF driver with 44 mm (1.7”) voice coil.

Digital Signal Processor with 4 Equalization Presets.

15 mm (0.59”) birch plywood scratch resistant enclosure and internal bracing.

Frequency response from 65Hz to 20 kHz.

Control Panel: balanced XLR/Jack input and XLR link out, Volume, EQ Presets.

HP Filter, 3 status LED indicators.

90° omnidirectional angle dispersion.

Wall bracket mount fl ange plate, 35 mm (1 3/8”) top-hat speaker stand socket, two integrated handles.

FBT Verve 112MA

Configuration:2 Way

Built-in amplifier LF/HF:400/100w RMS

Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF:800/200w

Frequency response:65Hz – 20kHz

Low Frequency woofer:12″ with 2.5″ VC

High Frequency driver:1″ with 1.7″ VC

Maximum SPL cont/peak:124 / 129dB

Dispersion:90 x 90 (HxV)

Input impedance:22kohm

Crossover Frequency:1.6kHz

AC Power requirements:450VA

Input connector:XLR with link out

Power cord:5m IEC

Net Dimension (WxHxD):550 x 320 x 410mm

Net Weight:16.6kg

Transport Dimension (WxHxD):690 x 417 x 478mm

Transport Weight:19.4kg



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